Stand-alone CWSF production unit
ГУУМПStand-alone CWSF production unit is a unique development from Amalthea-Service and Effective Energy Technologies GmbH (Austria). Unit has low-energy consumption for producing CWSF and characterized with stable CWSF characteristics and wide range of possible coals.

CWSF history

Belovo-Novosibirsk project

Since the 1989 USSR started construction and usage of coal-pipline with the lenght of 262 km from Belovo to Novosibirsk (both in Centra Siberia). The production of Coal-Water Slurry was built in Belovo, combustions were done both in Belovo and Novosibirsk. Coal pipe-line (coalwater pipeline) was used for transportation of coalwater slurry from Belovo to Novosibirsk. 

Below are few fragments from video (russian) about Belovo-Novosibirsk project and description of solutions used in this project. Video is kindly provided by prof., G.N.Delyagin who is participated on all stages of the project.

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Хронология развития работ по ВУТ в СССР и РФ

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Хронологическая справка о развитии работ по водоугольным суспензиям в СССР в период с 1959 до середины 1990-х, подготовленную на основании материалов Делягина Г.Н. (смотрите также статью Белово-Новосибирск.)



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