Stand-alone CWSF production unit
ГУУМПStand-alone CWSF production unit is a unique development from Amalthea-Service and Effective Energy Technologies GmbH (Austria). Unit has low-energy consumption for producing CWSF and characterized with stable CWSF characteristics and wide range of possible coals.

Production + Combustion solution for switching to CWS

combustion_1_100Amalthea-Service proposes new 'production+combustion' solution which includes equipment and services for swithicng from coal to CWS. Solution is targeted for 1MW to 8..10MW heating boilers.
This solution includes:
CWS production
1 Feasibility study, economical estimates, etc.
2 System design
3 Coal crusher (Stage 1 equipment)
4 Wet milling device (Stage 2 equipment), including coal silo
5 Water&CWS tanks (up to 5cub.m)
6 CWS pumps
7 Other (pipes, electricity)
8 Equipment mounting, comissioning
9 Laboratory
CWS Combustion
10 Nozzle for CWS combustion
11 Pre-chamber for CWS-combustion (up to 0.5Gcal)
12 CWS pumps
Extras needed from Customer: CWS storage, for long term (if needed).
Solution is designed for using brown and stone coals with volitile matter >25%. Desired ash is <25%.
Terms: 4..6 months depending on local conditions.
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