Stand-alone CWSF production unit
ГУУМПStand-alone CWSF production unit is a unique development from Amalthea-Service and Effective Energy Technologies GmbH (Austria). Unit has low-energy consumption for producing CWSF and characterized with stable CWSF characteristics and wide range of possible coals.

Products and Services

Amalthea group of companies provides an almost full range of services for implementing watercoal: from basic consulting till engineering solutions and project management. 



Amalthea is targeted to maximum number of standard solutions reducing the terms and cost price of technlogy usage. It allows us to provide a service for a wide range of consumers: from small (about 0.5MW) heating houses to a big powerplants (hundreds of megawatts).

We understand that our consumers already have existing relations with suppliers. That is why we are not intended to substitute the whole existing infrastructure immediately. Instead of it we help to find most interesting benefits of water coal technology and implement them on the most convinient for our customers way.

We provide solutions for вшааукуте type of consumers:


We also producing and selling our exclusive low-cost and energy efficient production line for producing watercoal fuel (WCF or CWS).
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