Stand-alone CWSF production unit
ГУУМПStand-alone CWSF production unit is a unique development from Amalthea-Service and Effective Energy Technologies GmbH (Austria). Unit has low-energy consumption for producing CWSF and characterized with stable CWSF characteristics and wide range of possible coals.

CWSF for villages and district heating

Coal-Water Fuel is an enviroment friendly fuel which allows to reduce fuel expenses. Central heating station which uses CWSF as a major fuel covers all needs for heating generation. If a steam turbine added CWSF heating station is able to cover power needs of village (group of cottages, townhouses, etc) or district.

For existing heating stations

Gas and heating oil are becoming more and more expensive. Even now while global oil-prices drop-down coal is still the cheapest energy source. When combusted on a solid form coal is not suitable for existing gas and/or oil boilers. CWSF is a unique opportunity for owners of gas and oil heating boilers to have a cheap and enviroment friendly energy source.
CWSF is coal in a liquid state. Thus, migration from one liquid fuel (heating oil) to another one (Coal Water Fuel) is technically simple task which generally requires only modification of injection system. In addition CWSF-modificated boiler still may use a heating oil or gas as a reserve fuel.

For new heating stations

Comparing to gas heating stations CWSF ones doesn't need extra expenses for construction of gas-piplines what typically takes couple years.
Heating-station on CWSF could be installed in a quite short terms and its price is almost the same as price of gas or oil heating station.
CWSF could be supplied from the nearest CWSF preparation plant or produced locally. Local production is effective when the heating capacity is 2..3MW or more.
Own CWSF-heating station allows to build own centralised heating system and hot-water supply for the town, district or village.
Генерация тепла и электричества
Генерация тепла и электричества
If the heating station uses steam boiler then it could be amended with steam power turbine for energy generation. It means that village or town has own low cost heating and power source. 
Being produced from coal CWS is the cheapest energy source comparing to gas or oil. Therefore, heating and energy produced from CWS is cheaper as well.