Production + Combustion solution for switching to CWS
combustion_1_100Amalthea-Service proposes new 'production+combustion' solution which includes equipment and services for swithicng from coal to CWS. Solution is targeted for 1MW to 8..10MW heating boilers.
This solution includes:
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ЖКХ России-2015Узнать о технологии, пообщаться со специалистами Вы сможете на выставке "ЖКХ России - 2015", которая пройдёт с 18 по 20 марта в КВЦ Экспофорум, г.Санкт-Петербург.
Наш стенд G.2.2, в непосредственной близости от Деловой зоны.
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Coal-Water Fuel is an enviroment friendly fuel which allows to reduce fuel expenses. Central heating station which uses CWSF as a major fuel covers all needs for heating generation. If a steam turbine added CWSF heating station is able to cover power needs of village (group of cottages, townhouses, etc) or district.
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