Production + Combustion solution for switching to CWS
combustion_1_100Amalthea-Service proposes new 'production+combustion' solution which includes equipment and services for swithicng from coal to CWS. Solution is targeted for 1MW to 8..10MW heating boilers.
This solution includes:
At the end of April in Vienna, Austria, was mounted hydroshock wet-milling device designed for producing Coal-Water Slurry fuel. This is the first and the only yet CWS production facility in EU.
CWS production is designed for producing coal-water slurry for test purposes for the Customers. If needed CWS could produced on a permanent basis. 
Interesting that CWS production is mounted on the territory of pharma-production factory in 23-d district in Vienna and was approved by local regulations and, of course, by the owner of pharma-production. 
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