Production + Combustion solution for switching to CWS
combustion_1_100Amalthea-Service proposes new 'production+combustion' solution which includes equipment and services for swithicng from coal to CWS. Solution is targeted for 1MW to 8..10MW heating boilers.
This solution includes:

Coalwater Slurry Fuel: european support


Amalthea announces a new stage of CWS development: since the May of 2010 technology development is carried out through joint efforts of Amalthea and Effective Energy Technologies GmbH (EET GmbH, Vienna, Austria). EET GmbH is a private company established in 2010 and specialized on development of energy effective technologies in Europe and worldwide.



In a field of CWS Effective Energy Technologies GmbH attracts european certified companies for technology development (preparation, combustion), organizes patent protection, other technology and administrative activity. Amalthea keeps engineering company functions and provides services on the territory of Russia and CIS (in CIS - according to agreement with EET GmbH). Amalthea still continues technology development, search of scientific and technology partners, other R&D activity.